So on January 1, you're going to start training like a beast, eat only clean food, work really hard and save lots of money, be nicer to your kids/parents, stop smoking, stop drinking, read all the books, learn everything you've always wanted to learn, clean your house more often, make your bed everyday, meditate everyday, have an organised schedule, be more present, love more, be nicer to yourself...ugh, I'm exhausted already!

Here's why it doesn't work:

  • Because there's no strategy.
  • Because it's overwhelming and when we are overwhelmed, we tend to do nothing ("I want to lose 25kg this year" seems like such a huge challenge).
  • It's just a mental note of all the areas you feel you are 'failing' or 'could do better'.
  • It's basically self talk of "I'm not good enough". (We all do it, I'm trying very hard to change that within myself.)
  • It's projecting negative thoughts, instead of manifesting positive thoughts.

Did you get to December this year and realise that what you had promised yourself back in January would change in 2016, hasn't changed at all, and is possibly even further away?


I did.

Did you keep putting off getting to work on your goal because you thought "I've got plenty of time", only to realise the year is already over??! I this is what I'm going to do for 2017:

Write down a very specific goal or goals, with a date of completion, and what's required to get there. Eg: 'I am determined and focused to complete an olympic lifting high-bar squat of 100kg by December 31, 2017.' This was taught to me by Dr Nic Lucas ( for my business goal, and it works! Seems simple, right? Well, it doesn't stop there!

Now, write down your goal as if it has already been achieved, like a diary entry of when you have reached your goal, where you are, who you're with, how you're feeling about having achieved your goal. An example could be:

                   Dr. Nic Lucas

December 31, 2017:

Today I realised my goal of completing an olympic lifting high-bar squat of 100kg. This was achieved through sheer determination and focus.

I feel relieved, excited and STRONG! I am at the gym, with my trainer Nadia, of Perfect Form Fitness, she is hugging me and is clearly happy for me. I am proud of my achievement and in awe of what my body can achieve. My thoughts are projected to what the future holds and what limits I can further push through. There is NO limit!'

The goal is now engaging, exciting, has purpose and is completely within your control. BUT we're still not done! The next part is writing a plan of mini goals, between now and then, working your way backwards. It could be a weekly plan, monthly or whatever you feel is appropriate. It will contain the formula for achieving your goal and will keep you accountable, starting from your end date and working in reverse. So, one mini goal could be:

November 30, 2017:

I have trained 5 times this week, 3 days of olympic lifting, 1 day of accessory lifts and one day of HIIT. I am still increasing volume every week in squats and deadlifts and have reached 95kg 1RM in my squat.

'Continue to write them down until you reach today, so you have a clear MAP of how you will get to your end goal. Now it's a matter of carrying out your plan, which is easy, if you continually keep the end goal at the forefront of your thoughts. Even if you have hiccups along the way, you can make a few adjustments and continue, as long as you remain focused.

Want to make a difference in your life? Be specific and make a plan! Good luck, you got this!

Patty (Vitalo Owner)


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